Providing a balanced, developmentally appropriate and challenging program focusing on the social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth and development of each child

“Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein

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Ages 18mo. – 2 ½
We have two licenced Toddler rooms of 10 children each with 2 Qualified Staff in each room.

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Ages 2 ½ – 5
Our Preschool program is licenced for 16 children with 2 Qualified Staff.

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Ages 2 ½ – 5
Our Senior Preschool program is licenced for 8 children with 1 Qualified Staff.

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At Helping Hands we model developmentally appropriate practices on a daily basis. Driven by a high standard for excellence each staff member brings a unique blend of education and experience to the classroom.

Our staff is truly committed to putting their knowledge of child care theory into practice. A vital part of our organization is exploring how children develop and learn, and identifying and creating learning environments that best match each child’s abilities through developmental tasks.

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The Importance Of Play

Play is an essential part of every child’s development. Through play, children learn and develop a number of developmental skills. Some of these developmental skills include

Fine Motor

Fine-motor and manipulation skills are developed repeatedly throughout the day; while a child builds a tower of Legos or colours a bird flying in the sky.  When throwing and catching a ball, a child practices hand-eye coordination and the ability to grasp.


Interpersonal/social skills, ranging form communication to cooperation, develop in play.  Staff foster peer interactions and adult/child interactions on a daily basis, supporting communication, empathy and social awareness.


Music is a natural and important part of young children’s growth and development. Music is with the children consistently throughout the day whether it’s a tidy up song, or playing softly in the background or two friends are playing stele-ella-ola.


Gross-motor skills such as walking, kicking, skipping, jumping and coordination are fostered through various games and activities such as dancing, riding bikes and playing with balls.


Children practice and develop language skills during play.  Staff foster children’s language development through holding conversations and asking open ended questions that encourage the children to expand on their own thoughts and interests.

Physical Education

Movement and play are important in children’s lives, critical to all aspects of their growth and development. A physical education program provides opportunities for all students to learn while being physically active.


The child’s cognitive capacity is enhanced in play by trial and error, problem solving, and practice discriminating between relevant and irrelevant information to often reach an end goal.

Creative Expression

Creativity is the freest form of self-expression. Creativity is nurtured through both spontaneous and planned creative activities, where children have the ability to express themselves freely.


On a daily basis staff provide an interactive environment by reading stories, singing songs and teaching finger plays in individual and large group activities.

Meals & Snack Time

Food For Thought

Everyday a morning snack, afternoon snack and hot noon meal are provided. All meals are nutritionally balanced to supply the needed nourishment for your child and follow Canada’s Food Guide to Healthy Eating.

The menu is posted on the Parent Communication board located in the front vestibule and inside all of the classroom binders. If your child has any food allergies please list them on your child’s application forms upon enrolment.

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  • A highly organized, fun and inviting learning environment. The facility is second-to-none, as are the staff and owner/operator. They go above and beyond in everything they do for and with the kids; they are always engaging them. We are so grateful to have found the perfect daycare; it has been a tremendous help in every way.

    Kemp Family

  • Our son has been at Helping Hands for the last 2 years +. We could not recommend it enough, The personal level of care he has received has been fantastic. The centre is immaculate, they treat you and our son with the utmost affection and care. This is the way a child care centre should be run and is a leading example flagship of the standard that all other child care centres should aspire to. We will be very sad when our son has to leave. Helping hands has given him a fantastic start in his young life. Lindsay and Jamey are professional, courteous and family like to deal with at all times, the centre is a credit to them and their staff.

    Roy & Jo-Anne Burlington / Waterdown ON.

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