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ProgramsWe provide a balanced, developmentally appropriate and challenging program focusing on the social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth and development of each child.   At Helping Hands, our goal is to help develop a positive self-esteem in each child.

Each child participates in outdoor activities for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon. At Helping Hands we view the playground as an extension of the indoor classroom. On days where the weather does not permit, staff will implement a physical education program in the gymnasium attached to our centre. 

Toddler Room
“Toddlers learn with their whole bodies-not just their heads.  They learn more through their hands than they do through their ears.  They learn by doing, not only by just thinking… Toddlers solve problems on a physical level (Gonzalex-Mena,1986)”. 
Our goal while working with Toddlers is to:

  1. Nurture a sense of autonomy (a sense of self as an independent being).
  2. Help with the task of separation.
  3. Provide children with a safe environment for movement.
  4. Foster self-help skills.
  5. And allow for sensorimotor exploration as toddlers learn most by muscle skill mastery and manipulative exploration.

We have 2 toddler rooms (18mths-21/2 years) each of 10 children with 2 full-time staff.

Preschool Room
Preschoolers “become empowered in play to do things for themselves, to feel in control, to test and practice their skills, and to affirm confidence in themselves.  Play is important for children’s developing sense of competence (Isenberg,1997).”
Our goals while working with Preschoolers is to:

  1. Provide dimensions of environments by having a variety of materials that are soft/hard, open/closed, large group/individual etc.
  2. Allow active participation for your children as decision-makers.
  3. Create an environment for learning through play by having clearly defined centres.
  4. Follow a schedule to help ease with transitions.
  5. Foster self-help skills.

The Preschool program is licensed for 16 children age 21/2-4years with 2 full-time staff.

JK/SK Kindergarten Room
Our Kindergarten program is an extension of our Preschool program which carries all the same goals but adds more academic expectations.  In Kindergarten we are becoming a member of a group & functioning as part of the group.  We are learning to get along with fellow classmates, taking turns and respecting the rights of others.   
Along with the goals from Preschool we will:

  1. Establish readiness for academics
  2. Begin the Jolly Phonics Program
  3. Experience with stories and charts; learn what can be said and written.
  4. Learning to write one’s name correctly; using capital and lower case letters.
  5. Building number concepts & manipulating materials that give meaning to terms such as smaller and larger, over and under, and equal to.
  6. Creating and extending patterns.

The Kindergarten program is licensed for 10 children age 4years-6years with 1 full-time staff.