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  Welcome to Helping Hands Child Care Centre!


“Play takes many forms, but the heart of all play is pleasure.  If it isn’t fun, it isn’t play.  We play from birth on- we play using our bodies (building with blocks) and our minds (fantasy play).  We use words to play (jokes, wit, humour) and we use props (blocks, toys, games).  While the exact nature of play evolves, becoming more complex as we grow, play at all ages brings pleasure”.
Dr. Bruce Perry

We believe children learn through play. When children are stimulated in an environment of interaction new skills emerge and confidence grows. At Helping Hands our curriculum is rooted in current proven child care practices. Our knowledgeable staff follows emergent child care practices and gear programming towards the development of each child by responding to the interests, questions, and concerns generated in the classroom.

Our Programs
We are licensed for 46 children on a daily basis; we offer both Fulltime and Part time programs for Toddlers, Preschoolers, and JK/SK students. Our Part-time program is for the full day either 2-3 days a week.

2 Toddler Rooms 10 Toddlers (age 1 ½ -2 ½) in each classroom
1 Preschool Room 16 Preschoolers (age 2 ½ - 4)
1 JK/SK Room 10 children (age 4 – 5)

For more information or, to register your child, please contact Lindsay Pepper-Aggio at
905-331-6000 or by email at lindsay@helpinghandsccc.com